Justin Bieber peed in a bucket.

Date: July 10

Justin Bieber is a wild boy. He's a/He's a/Wild boy! There’s that one time he threatened a photographer. Then there’s that other time when he designated Anne Frank a “Belieber.” Then there’s the time he made a member of his entourage carry around his Diet Coke while he prepped for a Saturday Night Live run through.

But the cellphone video that hit TMZ this week takes the cake. In what looks like the basement of a New York city restaurant, Biebs was caught urinating into a mop bucket. With his posse—a group of teenage boys now going by the alias “The Wild Kidz”—cheering him on, he then charges up a set of stairs, grabs a bottle of glass cleaner and sprays down a framed photo of our nation’s 42nd president. “Fuck Bill Clinton!” he shouts.

Why would he do this? New York magazine's Dan Amira had some theories.

Bieber eventually apologized to Clinton for the incident. But really, person who he should apologize to is the poor guy who had to stand there and watch him pee. This was his bodygaurd, we're guessing? That's gotta be the worst job in the world. —Edwin Ortiz

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