Melania Trump has launched a Twitter account for her new office following reports that she’s constantly at the Mar-A-Lago spa and is quite jealous of the publicity that Dr. Jill Biden has received since Joe Biden assumed office.

According to The Independent, Melania opened the office in support of her Be Best campaign that she began in the White House, which focuses on boosting children’s health, preventing online bullying, and stymieing the effects of the opioid crisis on kids. The only person that the former FLOTUS’ office account follows is Melania.

Melania tweeted from the new account on Friday, writing, “Mrs. Melania Trump is announcing the opening of The Office of Melania Trump. Please follow this account for news and updates.”

On Friday, a source told CNN that Melania “goes to the spa, has lunch, goes to the spa (again), and has dinner with Donald on the patio. Rinse and repeat. Every day.”

According to another insider, Melania has basically washed her hands of anything White House-related. While she does check in on her husband’s impeachment trial, she isn’t too concerned with politics. Among the spa treatments she receives are massages, nail care, facial treatments, among others.