Melania Trump Criticized for Tone-Deaf Statement About Fatal Capitol Attack

Melania Trump, perhaps most known for marrying a failed steak salesman and tepid reality TV figure, shared a shockingly narcissistic statement on the attack.


Image via Getty/Tasos Katopodis


Melania Trump, whose husband is a failed steak salesman, has finally carved out enough time in her schedule to respond to last week’s violent (and ultimately fatal) invasion of the Capitol by MAGA supporters.

In a statement shared to the official White House site on Monday, Melania said she was "disappointed and disheartened with what happened last week." She also claimed to "absolutely condemn" the violence. However, she preceded these mentions of the Capitol attack with an impossible-to-believe expression of sadness over the COVID-19 pandemic (which her husband has repeatedly downplayed) and a tribute to the violent Capitol rioters who died.

Notably, Melania only mentioned the Capitol officers who died due to the attack after naming the aforementioned participants in the invasion.

"Most recently, my heart goes out to: Air Force Veteran, Ashli Babbit, Benjamin Philips, Kevin Greeson, Rosanne Boyland, and Capitol Police Officers, Brian Sicknick and Howard Liebengood," Melania said on Monday. "I pray for their families' comfort and strength during this difficult time."

If reading the full statement is on your current agenda for some reason, click here. In it, Melania also spent a good chunk of paragraph space complaining of what she calls "salacious gossip" and "unwarranted personal attacks" from people "who are looking to be relevant and have an agenda."

Expectedly, Melania's statement is being ripped to shreds. Enjoy:

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