Admit it, you joined TikTok for entertainment purposes but quickly found out just how vast this platform can become, since quarantine. With about 1 billion active monthly members, TikTok has played an instrumental part in creating another revenue for music artists to boast plays and the charts. The app has been downloaded over 2.6 billion times with stars like Megan Thee Stallion, Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, and DaBaby benefitting from TikTok members who use their music to create viral choreography. But there’s more than dance moves that have encouraged users to sign-up. 

TikTok has been vital in politics, cultural shifts, and social issues such as the 2020 presidential election. Hashtags used to benefit both president candidates have generated over 20 billion views! Dancing sensation Jalaiah Harmon rose to fame with the Renegade dance to the hit song “Renegade (Lottery)” by K-Camp, which afforded her multiple sponsorships along with a trip to the NBA All-Star game and the Ellen show. The “Buss It” Challenge, which has taken mobile screens by storm, is trending in heavy part thanks to TikTok and the ingenuity of its online community. So much that TikTok influencers are known to make upward of $150,000; the possibilities are endless on the app.  

If you're hesitant on whether to join the bandwagon, fear no more! Below you’ll find 21 of the most entertaining celebrities who not only provide laughs, but also life commentary, intimate family moments, and brand exclusives on TikTok.