The Best Android Apps (2018)

There are tons of amazing Android apps meant to make life easier, by helping you exercise in a smarter way, get work done more efficiently, and even letting you optimize your relaxation time. We’ve combed through hundreds to find the best Android apps that will fulfill your everyday needs.

android phone


android phone

Whether you’re #TeamiPhone or #TeamAndroid, you’re probably already familiar with the must-have apps for your device. For listening to music, Spotify and SoundCloud have you covered. For all of the games you can’t watch at work, the ESPN app is the only way to go. To get around town, Uber and Lyft are your ride or dies. For keeping up with what’s happening in the world, the New York Times customizable app or the NPR app are every informed millennial’s go-to content streaming platforms. And where would we be if we couldn’t keep up with the latest fire Instagram post or Twitter beef?

Sure, many developers are focused on creating apps for Apple’s iPhone, which means the adopters of Steve Jobs’ brainchild get to try out most apps first. But there are a lot of Android phones out there that rival the iPhone’s capabilities, plus a ton of amazing Android apps meant to make life easier. From helping you work out in a smarter way to letting you optimize your relaxation time, Android’s wide selection of apps is here to help you live your best life.

We’ve combed through hundreds of Android apps to find ones that will fulfill your everyday needs. From health and wellness to games and entertainment, these are the best Android apps right now. You’ve already downloaded the Google Docs app for work and the Bumble app for happy hour, but we’ve got you covered with everything in between.

Whether you like stashing away some coin for a rainy day or just hate seeing that pesky change amount at the end of your account balance, Acorns is the app for you. This app invests your spare change for you, and will even let you accrue your leftover change into a spending account with its very own debit card. It’s a trustworthy and easy way to save (and make) a little extra bread—or breadcrumbs.

The official comic book prequel to #PacificRimUprising is new today from @Legendary! #NCBD

— Comixology (@comiXology) January 17, 2018

Nerd alert: Comixology developed an Android app that lets users read more than 40,000 comics. Even the most surface-level comic book fans should be able to find something entertaining here—and the truly comic-obsessed may never put their phones down.

Dark Sky might be wildest weather app available. It possesses the ability to tell you the exact moment, to the minute, when any precipitation is going to stop or start, in the exact location you happen to be standing. Its interface is also one of the cleanest and prettiest ones around. Keeping your Jordans dry has never been so easy.

In honor of National No Brainer Day, a friendly reminder to make mail the way it should be! #NoBrainerDay #easilydo #email #travel

— Edison (@Edison_apps) February 27, 2017

EasilyDo helps you keep everything you need to remember in one place by syncing with other social and calendar platforms. It then sends you reminders about upcoming birthdays, incoming packages, party invites, travel reminders, and more.


android phone

Tired of Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, etc? Happn is a unique dating app because it lets you get in touch with people you’ve actually passed in real life. It’s like the mobile version of Craigslist’s Missed Connections. It may not necessarily help you find love faster, but at least you and your date probably like the same restaurants.

Who ever thought meditation and your cellphone would go hand-in-hand? Andy Puddicombe, that’s who. The former Buddhist monk and TED Talk host developed Headspace to help users practice meditation, with daily sessions and a variety of targeted packs for things like anxiety and stress-relief.

Between your online bank account, your Facebook page, and Venmo, it can be a pain in the you-know-what trying to remember a million different passwords. Instead of clicking “Forgot password?” for the umpteenth time, download LastPass. It stores all your passwords in one secure place, then auto-fills them in anytime you need to log in to an account on your phone.

For readers and writers alike, Medium is the purest place to learn more about the world. Focusing on the actual content of its pieces, Medium takes all of the advertisement hassle out of reading about current events and news. With everything from in-depth reports to photography, Medium is a whole new way to absorb some new knowledge.

Whether you accidentally sent grandma a picture of your junk, or #autocorrect keeps changing that word to “duck,” 71% of Americans have sent a text they wanted to take back. #Watch us on tonight’s episode of #BlackCardRevoked. CC: @BET @cards4allpeople @Finessemitchell @TONYROCK

— On Second Thought (@OnSecondThought) January 26, 2018

We’ve all been there, staring at our phones, wishing there was a delete button we could hit and pretend that a risky (or messy) text never happened. With On Second Thought, you can finally save yourself from yourself. The SMS app allows you to blanket your texts with a “grace period” of up to a minute, so you can delete that “u up?” text before your ex sees it.

that one plays for me. Both in the Simulator and on my actual device

— Pocket Casts (@pocketcasts) April 3, 2017

PocketCast is Android’s answer to Apple’s Podcast app. Like Apple’s version, the platform allows you to curate your own audio library, and also syncs with your other Android devices, so you never lose your place in an episode.


This is the Samsung Note7.

Not to brag, but Send Anywhere saw nearly 60% growth in user base in the year 2017. We are grateful that more than 7 million people find our service useful.🙏 #SendAnywhereRewind #goingstrong #startupbusiness

— Send Anywhere (@Send_Anywhere) January 10, 2018

Send Anywhere is the easiest way to send files. Whether you want to send your files to everyone from a fellow Android user to your mortal enemy, iPhone loyalists. Plus, you don’t even need to be on WiFi to do it. Finally, an easier way to force your Soundcloud raps on unsuspecting DJs.

No matter who you root for, theScore has got you covered during every major sporting season. The app provides you with scores, updates, stats, video highlights, and news all in one, making it easier than ever to keep up with your favorite teams and players in every major league. You can even customize a “Favorites” feed, for easier access to your team’s most recent updates.

For everyone still riding the limited mobile data wave, WifiMapper is the perfect way preserve those gigabytes every month. Crowdsourced mapping helps you find free WiFi near you and lets you corroborate the effectiveness of reported WiFi spots. We can’t promise you’ll never go over your data limit again, but it’s worth trying.

If you easily succumb to the paradox of choice, Zomato will help alleviate your meal decision paralysis. You can sort restaurants by location, type of food, and budget, or you can simply use the “shake” feature to get a random suggestion of where to eat. 

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