2 Arrests Made After Restaurant Customer Uses Funnel to Pour Margarita in Woman's Butt (UPDATE)

"We want to make it clear that such behavior is completely unacceptable," Rodeo Mexican Restaurant emphasized.

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UPDATED 7/10, 11:50 p.m. ET: Per a TMZ update, both parties were arrested for misdemeanor public indecency.

Joe Boyett turned himself in on Monday; Mary Sweat surrendered Tuesday. The outlet reports that Sweat went to the police and "complained someone had leaked the video and it was spreading like wildfire on social media."

Law enforcement was allegedly "in the dark" about the incident until she brought it to their attention.

"Police say another clip shows Sweat exposing her breasts and Boyett putting her left nipple in his mouth while she grabs his head and pulls him closer," TMZ adds.

See original story below.

A Georgia man took buying a woman a drink to a whole new level.

As reported by TMZ, the incident took place at Rodeo Mexican Restaurant in Waycross, Georgia, where a man bought a woman a drink before using a funnel to pour it down her butt.

The man wasn't exactly successful, as he nixed the funnel in favor of a margarita pitcher, which he used to pour said drink in said woman's butt.

After catching wind of the bizarre hijinks, the restaurant issued a letter to its "valued customers," reminding them that they do not condone such crazy behavior.

"We recently became aware of an inappropriate incident that took place in our restaurant," the letter read. "We want to make it clear that such behavior is completely unacceptable and does not reflect our values or mission to provide a family-friendly dining experience."

Although the woman was a willing participant in the funnel cocktail, the restaurant is currently investigating the situation further, as they're specifically looking into whether an employee of Rodeo Mexican Restaurant was involved in the escapade.

"We are taking the matter very seriously and are conducting a thorough investigation in collaboration with the authorities," the restaurant said. "Any employees found to be involved will face appropriate action."

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