A disturbing report has found several hundred police officers to be involved in Facebook groups that are based around hateful, prejudiced ideals.

Reveal has learned almost 400 law enforcers, both active and retired, participate in groups that are Islamophobic, sexist, Confederate, and anti-gorvernment. Several officers belong to groups such as "White Lives Matter," "DEATH TO ISLAM UNDERCOVER," and violent anti-govverment bands like the Oath Keepers and Three Percenters.

Many of the cops named have denied knowingly belonging to these groups, while others are active members, fully participating in the hate talks.  A Chicago lieutenant who belongs to a group reportedly named "Any islamist insults infidels, I will put him under my feet" has has been accused of "illegal use of force, verbal abuse and criminal misconduct" a total of 70 times.

James "J.T." Thomas, a Houston detective and member of "The White Privilege Club," was fired in February by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, as his posts violated its conduct policies. In an email to Reveal, the Sherrif's Office further explained its decision, saying, "Personnel who, through their use of social media, cause undue embarrassment or damage the reputation of, or erode the public’s confidence in, the HCSO shall be deemed to have violated this policy and shall be subject to counseling and/or discipline."

During a hearing to reverse his firing, Thomas defended his actions, posing the question "If you remove the black female out of the picture, what's racist about it?" His flimsy defense couldn't save his job.

In response to the findings, more than 50 departments across the nation launched internal investigations, and at least one officer has been terminated.