Many Americans are sick and tired of seeing wall-to-wall coverage of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. And we really can't blame anybody for wanting this election to be over already. But now you can use your Twitter name to remind yourself and others just how close we are to the end of this campaign season. 

A new app called Countdown Name lets you turn your Twitter name into an election countdown. The app is a good reminder that people need to get out and vote, sure, but it's also a convenient way to remember that we won't have to deal with this much longer—thank God.

According to the Daily Dot, the app was created by Max Temkin and Alex Soble. Temkin co-created Cards Against Humanity and founded a super PAC in support of Hillary Clinton called the Nuisance Committee. Soble is a programmer and a former fellow with Code For America. The app launched on Oct. 30.

Just a day later, Soble tweeted that 134 people—with a total combined follower count of 476,026—had already signed up:

Granted, if tons of people start using the app, your whole TL will be filled with the same name (or countdown, I guess) which could get confusing.

But even if they don't know your name, at least your followers will be constantly reminded that the election is right around the corner, so they better hit up the voting booth if they haven't already.