I've never really understood Cards Against Humanity. Luckily, the team behind the NSFW party game seem to be really cool with that. On Black Friday they somehow managed to make $71,145 selling nothing for $5 a piece on the Internet.

The day after Thanksgiving the makers of the game got rid of their entire site, leaving behind a blank page with a form where fans could leave $5. For some bizarre reason, 11,248 people ended up giving $5. Wait. There's more. 1,199 people gave more than $5, with one person spending $100 by repeatedly filling out the form (that's 20 times, I believe). 

After all the shenanigans, the makers explained themselves. While in the past they have been known for their charitable endeavors, raising $4 million dollars for different organizations, this time they decided to keep the cash and treat themselves. Some of the more amusing items include a vacuum cleaning robot, $50 in $1 bills, a 3 gallon bucket of Tahini, and a Lord of the Rings Legolas Lothlorien Long Bow. They also did end up giving, to be fair, a lot of money to charity. Check out an explanation of their antics plus a full list of the gifts they bought for themselves here.

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