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2 Chainz made a hilarious return to The Nightly Show last night for the latest installment of his "2 Chainz Explainz" series. The veteran rapper took a moment to clarify exactly what a Super PAC is for all confused constituents. "Super PACs are independent political committees funded by companies, unions, or just a bunch of rich motherfuckers," he explained. "Now, listen. There is no limit to how much money they can raise for their candidate. Once they get that money, they use it to do all kinds of dirty stuff with it like create attack ads, you know what I'm sayin?"

In case that was too much insider talk, 2 Chainz then broke it down in words anyone can understand. "Super PACS have one goal—but really three goals: get that money, get that money, and get that money." Get a quick but very important lesson from 2 Chainz above. For a music education, dip into his latest ColleGrove project with Lil Wayne here.