As you probably know, scent is the sense most strongly tied to memory. The way you smell leaves an impression on everyone you meet. Your scent is a part of your persona. You may spend a lot of time choosing clothes that express your personality, trying on different outfits to get the perfect look. Maybe you wait on line at Supreme for midnight releases of trendy new shoes. But how much thought do you put into the way you smell?

Do you wake up each day, put on your clothes, lazily apply Old Spice or Axe body spray, and walk out the door? If you're someone who thinks your deodorant is all you need to smell your best, you need to up your fragrance game. Even if you do put thought into your scent, your eau, and you have a tried-and-true cologne you've been using as long as you can remember, consider updating your go-to fragrance.

If you're more of a spray-Axe-and-go kind of guy, here's a crash course on common terms used in the cologne world; you'll get a lot more out of your cologne shopping experience if you’re in-the-know about the terminology. You’ll often hear of three types of fragrances in colognes: top notes, middle notes, and base notes. These are the scents that are featured more prominently at different lengths of time since application of a cologne. Using the evaporation process of the fragrance as a tool for highlighting different scents, cologne makers create a scent palate that alters itself as different smells evaporate and diminish. Top notes are perceived immediately after applying the cologne. Middle notes emerge as top notes evaporate, usually within an hour of application. Base notes, usually rich and deep, linger the longest and are sometimes detectable up to 24 hours after application.

Now that you’re a cologne connoisseur, go ahead and choose your perfect cologne to wear like a pro. Find a great cologne that truly speaks to you. Do you have a preference for the dark and heavy scents like tobacco and musk, or do you prefer lighter notes of amber and citrus? Either way, there are many nuances and subtleties to your personal scent than a random deodorant or body spray you used this morning. Here is a list of the best colognes for men.