Levi's and filmmaker Oge Egbuonu have reunited on Beauty of Becoming, an inspiring film series that highlights the personal journeys of creatives, sports stars, and activists.

"I took inspiration for this collaboration from the many people I’ve spoken to over the last few months who were searching for ways to become more of themselves during this transformative moment in history," Egbuonu said. "I realized no one is born a hero. Nor are they born a great artist, activist, or civil rights pioneer. Everyone, no matter their background, must evolve through a process of becoming. Of realizing through time and experience the full potential of who they are and what they can achieve. And it’s this narrative that serves as the common thread throughout."

The series features Jaden and Willow Smith, Naomi Osaka, Brandon Flynn, Tremaine Emory, Leyna Bloom, Haben Girma, Dolores Huerta, Melody Ehsani, Xiye Bastida, Carlos Montes, Angela Beyince, and Karla Welch. Each of the figures will read messages of advice to their 14-year-old selves, as well as recount their journeys to becoming who they are. The goal behind Beauty of Becoming is to remind the world that no one is born into greatness, and that it's "achieved through experience, self exploration, and discovery."

The film series also features original music by Phantogram, original poetry by Aja Monet, and movement by Nana Yaa.

You can watch the Beauty of Becoming trailer above and visit the official Levi's website for more info. The series' launch will coincide with Black History Month and will continue through June. Each installment will be accompanied by a still photography shot by Shaniqwa Jarvis. You can check the photos out below.