We know that guys will read that headline and be up in arms but hear us out. To emphasize the boots, the best type of pants to wear is going to be tapered. Whether you're rocking Nike Tech sweatpants or Amiri jeans, you want something that's going to stack, or at the very least, fall within the collar of the boot.

Much like dudes who wear their Jordans with Evisu denim, going with a baggier bottom could awkwardly drapes across the boot. We're not saying that tapered pants are the only way to rock the boots, but Timbs deserve to be seen—not covered by billowing bootcut jeans.

Oh, and before we forget about Timbs and shorts... tread super carefully. The only guy that can pull this off on a regular basis is Pharrell. 98% of the time, it's a solid fail, but when done right, it absolutely kills.

Stacked skinny pants are also a foolproof way to wear Timbs. But we also know that some guys just aren't down to let their denim (or other trousers) stack up on the collar of their boots. In the case of cuffing your bottoms, know this: if the cuff is wider than the collar of the boot itself, then try a different pant. We understand you'll want people to “peep the selvedge” from time to time, but it's not going to look right if you're cuffed hem parachutes out from the top of your Timbs.