13-Year-Old Reportedly Secures Louis Vuitton Internship After Mom Shares Sketches

The young designer's work was first shared by his mother last November.

louis vuitton storefront is pictured
Image via Getty/Edward Berthelot
louis vuitton storefront is pictured

A 13-year-old’s design sketches, including their take on a future Louis Vuitton sneaker, ultimately inspired the French fashion house to extend an internship invitation.

The young French artist's journey to LV begins back in November with a collection of sketches shared by their proud mom. The designer, identified in a BFM TV report from France as a teen by the name of Milan, had assembled a collection of self-crafted looks ranging from hoodies to heels.

Initially, Milan's looks gained traction in connection with regional news coverage of his mother's campaign to help her son get his foot in the door. In the November-shared tweet mentioned above, the teen's mother noted that her son's birthday was approaching in December.

"Could you allow him a short one-week OBSERVATION course or tell me how to proceed please?" she asked.

🛑🚨⏳️[HELP] Je dois trouver impérativement un stage de 3e pour mon fils Milan de 13ans...et pas n'importe quelle Maison...

Bonjour @LouisVuitton

Mon fils est juste un petit peu, beaucoup, passionné par votre marque et le cuir.

Il est aussi très doué sur Photoshop sur… pic.twitter.com/BWzdHu97u7

— Odessa (@LouiseOdessa) November 7, 2023
Twitter: @LouiseOdessa

Per BFM TV and reporter Marie Gentric, Milan did indeed secure an internship in December. In a subsequent update, Gentric, who helped boost the teen’s designs earlier that year, said he had deemed the experience “magical.”

Un élève de 3ème décroche un stage chez Louis Vuitton grâce à un tweet

➡ L'image du jour par @mariegentric pic.twitter.com/sawY0g0n2S

— BFMTV (@BFMTV) December 20, 2023
Twitter: @BFMTV

Le mois dernier, Milan nous parlait de son rêve - faire son stage de 3ème à Louis Vuitton.
Quelques jours après la chronique, LV l'a contacté... et cette semaine, il est en stage là-bas. "C'est magique" me dit-il. C'est toi qui es magique Milan. ⭐️ @BFMTV pic.twitter.com/aNzXkuamdE

— Marie Gentric (@MarieGentric) December 20, 2023
Twitter: @MarieGentric

When reached for comment by Complex, a rep for Louis Vuitton declined to comment.

2023 proved to be a key year for the LV team at large, in large part due to the unveiling of Pharrell's inaugural collection for the brand after being named men's creative director. Meanwhile, data shared in December revealed that LV was one of the most-searched brands of the year on eBay.

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