Lil Uzi Vert and JT Appear to Have Gotten Tattoos of Each Other’s Names

Studious fans first noticed the apparent ink tribute on Lil Uzi Vert's hand thanks to behind-the-scenes shots from an upcoming Kidd G music video.




Getting each other’s names tattooed while deep in the throes of a relationship isn’t exactly news to the couples’ side of the universe, but it’s always news if Lil Uzi Vert is doing it.

Earlier this month, fans spotted a JT tribute on Uzi’s hands when photos and footage started rolling in from the video shoot for Kidd G’s upcoming “Teenage Dream” remix. While some theorized that Uzi had simply adopted a temporary JT tribute for the shoot, subsequent sightings—namely, one straight from Uzi—tells a different story.

As seen on Uzi’s Instagram Story on Sunday night, the Eternal Atake artist and the City Girls member do indeed appear to have gotten each other’s names tattooed. Seen in the photo is the same aforementioned cursive-style JT piece on Uzi’s hand, as well as a presumably new Uzi piece on what appears to be the top of JT’s wrist.


By Monday, JT had responded to a few critics of the tattoo on Twitter, telling one detractor “we took over a year to claim each other.” She also joked that anyone else with complaints should “feel free to call 1800-eat-dick.”

The couple has stayed in headlines together as of late thanks to a number of well-documented gifts, including a coveted LUV vs. the World-themed chain given to JT.

The two have also been publicly enthusiastic about the impact their relationship has had on their individual lives. Uzi, for example, has credited JT for his recent studio successes.

“She got me making bangers,” he told fans back in March.

And more recently, JT shared a sneak peek of an upcoming cover shoot she and Uzi did together, joking “our future kids got proof we so cool.”

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