Jeff Hamilton’s NTWRK Merch Collab ft. Tyrese Haliburton Gets Its Inspo From KFC’s NEW Saucy Nuggets

Read on for a taste of an amazing collaboration.

Man in a unique Jeff Hamilton leather jacket with KFC Saucy Nuggets branding, standing against a brick wall
Man in a unique Jeff Hamilton leather jacket with KFC Saucy Nuggets branding, standing against a brick wall

KFC understands the power of drip, and that goes for clothes and sauce. The beloved chicken spot is known for its original recipe, which is made of eleven herbs and spices, making them... chef’s kiss.

So, how do you take this to a new level? By tossing the nuggets in one of five finger-lickin’ sauces. The flavors include Honey Sriracha, Korean BBQ, Sticky Chicky, Georgia Gold and a Nashville Honey Hot sauce.

These sauces are not only complementary to KFC’s nuggets, but they’re a point of  inspiration behind Jeff Hamilton’s latest merch collaboration with NTWRK. Inspired by drip culture both on and off the court, Jeff Hamilton custom designed a leather jacket and bucket hats all for the love of the culture.

KFC x Huy Fong Foods collaboration black bucket hat with Sriracha logo for a trendy look

“In pushing culture forward, I was honored to partner with KFC and Tyrese Haliburton to create this one-of-a-kind collection for NTWRK,” says Hamilton. 

“The opportunity to blend my design aesthetic with the iconic KFC brand and Tyrese's signature style was beyond rewarding and, in the end, we created a collection not just for basketball lovers, but for anyone who is out there pushing boundaries.”

For point guard Tyrese Haliburton, who's currently in the midst of a big playoff battle while averaging 20.1 points per game this season, working with KFC and Jeff Hamilton was the perfect match. Not only because of the actual partnership, but because the collaboration yielded items that mimic Haliburton’s personal style.

Man smiling, dipping a nugget into sauce, wearing a casual jacket with fun patches

“You can dress [it] up a bit, rep some iconic KFC, and still feel confident – just like the new KFC saucy nuggets,” says Haliburton. “Working with KFC and Jeff Hamilton has been an honor. Jeff is a legend in fashion, and KFC is a staple. It was a fun collab and I love that the pieces fit my personal style.”

For years, KFC has consistently given the public great tasting chicken, and now they’re taking things to new heights with the NEW Saucy Nuggets. Stop by your local KFC and check out all the flavors while supplies last and make sure you get extra napkins.

Black bucket hat with KFC No More Drama BBQ logo

Hey, before you go, (and you didn’t hear this from us) there could be another flavor of Saucy Nuggets coming soon. So, feel free to spin the block around June…but again, you didn’t hear this from us.

Three models pose in Denver Nuggets themed letterman jackets with "DRIP" text and logo detailing

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