Loewe and On Partner for Expansive New Collection

Ryan McGinley captures the wide variety of new pieces in action with help from athletes including Aaliyah Miller, Sintayehu Vissa, and more.

Person in a light jacket with hood outdoors. Fashion-forward with a minimalist vibe
Image via Ryan McGinley
Person in a light jacket with hood outdoors. Fashion-forward with a minimalist vibe

Loewe and On are expanding their ongoing collaborative relationship with a new collection boasting tastefully simple designs across activewear, outerwear, and footwear.

Enlisted to capture the new pieces—i.e. fleece hoodies, performance tops, a new Cloudtilt model, and more—is acclaimed Jersey-born artist and photographer Ryan McGinley, whose past credits includes truly singular work with Jerrod Carmichael and Lana Del Rey, among numerous other familiar names.

Featured in the resulting film and Polaroid shots from McGinley are athletic powerhouses Ben Shelton, Masato Yokata, Alexandra Burghardt, Aaliyah Miller, Mario Garcia Romo, and Sintayehu “Sinta” Vissa.

Below, get a look at a selection of McGinley's mid-action portraits. The drop is slated for May 22 for pre-registered shoppers, followed by a wider launch on May 23. For more info, see here.

Close-up of a person wearing a sporty jacket with Olympic rings emblem, styled with long curly hair
Person hiking in a desert landscape with sparse vegetation
Close-up of Emma Corrin with a short haircut, wearing a jacket, looking to the side
Person in a vibrant orange long coat with unique sneakers, standing against a textured natural backdrop
Person in sportswear running on a trail with vegetation in the background
Man in a sleeveless hoodie and shorts stands with hands on hips, looking away, with mountains in distance
Person in casual activewear hiking through a desert landscape with sparse vegetation
Person in a hooded outfit with a contemplative expression, outdoors
Person in activewear joyfully jumping among wildflowers with arms raised
Person on sandy terrain modeling a long coat with an orange collar, layered over a dark outfit
Man in a casual tee standing with a multicolored light effect in the background
A man in an athletic tank top stands confidently outdoors with a sandy hill in the background
Model in oversized blue hoodie, black shorts, blue leggings, and white chunky sneakers, standing on sand
Person in athletic wear running up a sandy incline
Woman in athletic wear reaching toward the camera with a focused expression
Woman in activewear running on sand dunes
Woman in sportswear running, with focus on athletic form and outfit design
Woman in a sleeveless top with braided hair looking into the distance with her hand raised as a visor

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