Meet the Woman Creating Some of the Pieces Featured in Bianca Censori’s Viral Outfits

Laura Beham, one half of Zurich-based brand Prototypes, discusses the sheer bodysuits and fur coats she’s created for Censori that the internet can’t stop talking about.

Sheer Bodysuit at Fear of God Show

Sheer Tube Dress

Kanye West with his wife Bianca Censori leaving the Balenciaga store in Italy today

— Ovrnundr (@Ovrnundr) August 30, 2023
Twitter: @Ovrnundr
Beham Says: The tube dress is super daily wear, which Bianca loved. I think she wore it all summer. They're all made and upcycled from regular tights. So it's not factory made or new produced garments, but it’s stitching hosiery or cutting it up and deconstructing it. Hosiery is great to play with. You can do so much with it.

Prototypes Fur Coat With Black Tights

Prototypes Poncho

Blue Prototypes Shirt With Black Tights

Sheer Bodysuit With Purple Pillow

Bianca Censori keeps breasts covered with pillow as she steps out in another sheer outfit

— Page Six (@PageSix) September 7, 2023
Twitter: @PageSix
Beham Says: The pillow is fully 100,000 percent Ye and Bianca. She’s in very transparent hosiery. It was just a pillow from a hotel, which they turned into a bag. Of course,they also used it to cover the body. We were in Florence at the time, a very Catholic city, which is rather conservative. Out of a need to cover, a design and concept developed. It's genius. The pillow is already made. It's like a Duchamp almost. It's Duchamp putting a urinal on a wall and you still know it's a urinal, but now it's art. Is it a pillow or a bag? It's so genius. But we literally had nothing to do with it besides putting the base layer on. Hosiery is the canvas. If she would have worn sweatpants and a T-shirt, it would have not given the same impression or had the same impact. And on the other hand, Ye is so fully covered. So many people were inspired, making their own pillow looks. Ye and Bianca’s vision created an iconic look that went viral and even got replicated as a costume for Halloween.

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