Gunna Commits to 'Pushing P' Slogan With New Tattoo

Gunna's "Pushing P" phrase has become permanently tattooed on his body. The 'DS4EVER' rapper took to Instagram on Monday to reveal the new ink.

Gunna’s “pushing p” slogan has now become permanently tattooed on his body. The DS4EVER rapper took to Instagram late Monday to reveal the new ink.

“I got a Bad Bitch n my PH RightNow!” Gunna wrote on Instagram. “She Got on a 🅿️ucci Gown Ready to get Pipe Down 🐍💙!” The carousel of Instagram posts show Gunna flaunting some new jewelry and sitting in a tattoo chair as an artist works on his left forearm. A video shows the artist coloring in Gunna’s “P” symbol with a blue hue before showing off the final product.

Gunna’s new ink comes as other artists and brands have adopted the Atlanta rapper’s latest trend. Even Nike got in on the “P” movement, tweeting on Jan. 20, “We had an internal meeting, and without getting into details, we’re pushing 🅿️ all year.”

We had an internal meeting, and without getting into details, we're pushin 🅿️ all year.

— (@nikestore) January 20, 2022

In an interview with Complex, the DS4 lyricist broke down what exactly “pushing p” means and why everyone has connected to the trend.

“P don’t just mean player. P means paper, too. You can be pushing this P with paper,” Gunna explained. “If you’re in this shit and it’s rented, then you’re kicking P. But if you buy this shit and you own it, then you’re really pushing P. You’re spending your hard-earned money. Like, you’re pushing it. You’re standing on this shit. You’re spending millions on it. You’re pushing it.”

While Gunna originally utilized the motto to help promote his album, it quickly became an internet phenom. However, some rappers have pushed back against Gunna’s claiming of the phrase. Sauce Walka spent all of January throwing subliminal shade at Gunna for his use of the term, saying “pushing p” originated in Texas and Tennessee.

“But the P itself and the aura, and stigmatism and the lifestyle that goes behind the letter P itself, the P, that’s Texas and Memphis, and a little bit of Chicago but it’s really Texas and Memphis because to be a P is bigger than just being a pimp,” Walka said in an interview.

Regardless of the pushback, Gunna said the world is just catching on to the slogan, and told Complex he’s been using it for years.

“I’ve actually been keeping it P and pushing P,” he said to Complex. “The world is just now catching on because of the song, but Atlanta and L.A. people who know me know. That’s why it hit hard, too, because I really been kicking P outside of music. So when I bring it to music, it’s like, yeah, that’s really him. He ain’t lying.”

Gunna also recently stopped by Sneaker Shopping to speak on Nike and iHop’s recent use of the motto. Check it out below.

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