Young Thug has a message for rappers trying to give out the quarantine discount. 

On Tuesday, Thugger took to Instagram and said that rappers looking to give out cheap verses are better off crowdsourcing for funds.

"If you on the internet promoting verses you better off starting a GoFundMe," Thug said. "All that 'Prices is cheap this week...' Get you a GoFundMe bitch."

The coronavirus brought the music business to a halt. But, a lot of rappers haven't built a loyal fanbase and consistent catalog like Thug to be able to survive this drought. Although this shoe could fit several artists, it's likely that Thugger was talking about his nemesis, Sauce Walka

Almost immediately prior to Thug's video, Walka was promoting discounted verses on his Instagram page. When he saw that Thug had sent the jab, Walka responded with a video that was littered with homophobic slurs but also questioned Thugger's motives.

"What kind of nigga hate on another nigga feeding his team and his family?" Walka asked. "What type of bitch ass nigga pocket watch another rapper from a different city that's independent? While your pussy ass is using Birdman money, 300 money, and all the white folks' money to be successful and you still didn't get a platinum album until you did a goddamn fund with J. Cole. Pussy ass nigga. You ain't getting no checks like me."


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Sauce Walka and Young Thug have been at each other's throats for years. Earlier this year, Walka challenged Thug to a boxing match to end their feud but the King Slime wasn't moved. And judging by their latest exchange, things won't be cooling down anytime soon.