How to Properly Style and Wear Mules

Whether you love mules from Birkenstock, Crocs, or The North Face, this guide will teach you how to properly style and wear mules for both warm and cold months.

A Guide On How To Wear Mules
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A Guide On How To Wear Mules

Spring or fall, winter or summer, a stylish pair of mules is a great set of footwear to have in your closet. Since working from home and wearing loungewear 24/7 have become normalized, we’ve also come to embrace the all-day comfort of slip-ons. Seriously, who wants to spend all that extra time lacing up sneakers when you can just slide on a pair of mules and head straight out the door. For clarity, mules are those closed-toe, lightweight shoes that typically have no back to wrap around the heel. The unique silhouette provides a cool sensation for your feet during the summer months. Meanwhile, mules designed for the winter deliver unparalleled levels of coziness such that wearing them feels like wearing bedroom slippers outside. 

Needless to say, they are super comfortable. However, there are certainly some things to keep in mind before you start wearing them, whether you enjoy wearing a humble pair of Crocs or something more high-end like Rick Owens Birkenstocks. From making sure you picked the right pair for the season to customizing them for a unique look, here’s our guide on how to wear mules. 


Buy the Right Pair for the Season

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Make Sure They Fit Perfectly

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Socks or No Socks?

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Keep Your Mules Out of The Rain

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Carefully Consider Buying a Pair of Luxurious Mules

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Don’t Be Afraid to Customize Them

How To Wear Mules and Customize Them

Mules Aren’t Sneakers. Tread Lightly

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Try Wearing Them in the Great Outdoors

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Mules Are Versatile. Wear Them However You Want

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