50 Cent's Girlfriend Cuban Link Jokingly Flames Him for Giving Her a Tiny Purse

50 Cent's girlfriend Cuban Link took to Instagram to playfully call out the rapper for gifting her a small purse, which she said is because he's "mad at me."


Image via Getty/Michael Kovac


50 Cent seems to have found his match in Jamira “Cuban Link” Haines, who seems to enjoy trolling him just as much as he loves trolling the world at large.

Cuban Link took to Instagram to call out 50 for buying her a very small purse.

“This the typa sh*t he get me when he mad at me,” she wrote. “Wth I’m supposed to do with this lil sh*t CURTIS!!!!! Stop playing w. meeee. #littleassbag!! #petty,” she wrote alongside a photo of the tiny, hot pink bag.

The rapper has yet to respond to Cuban’s latest joke. 

She recently trolled 50 Cent in May with the viral TikTok trend “This is Your Man,” showing a fairly unflattering photo of the rapper with a bald head, alongside an audio clip from the Steve Wilkos Show. “That’s mine,” the woman from the audio says, “I’mma stick beside him.”

Fif later reposted the TikTok and wrote, “I’m a throw her fucking phone out on the highway.”

It’s clear the couple like to give each other lavish gifts—and that her new bag doesn’t compare to some of Fif’s previous offerings, like the Mercedes Benz truck he got her for Christmas, or the gold pinky ring Cuban got him in January to celebrate his ABC show For Life.

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