In 2021, it’s not enough for a winter parka to keep your body toasty and your Instagram feed fresh—it’s got to keep your conscience clean too. Case in point: last year, Canada Goose caught the fashion world’s attention by announcing its Sustainable Impact Strategy and HUMANATURE platform, stepping up the brand’s long-term commitment to “keep the planet cold and the people on it warm.” Having already committed to carbon neutrality by 2025 and eliminating single-use plastics in all its facilities, the Canadian brand is following through on its eco-focused promise this month by releasing its most sustainable parka to date: the Standard Expedition Parka.

Helping to set the bar for the future of outerwear, Canada Goose has created its new jacket using recycled products, undyed fabrics, and 100 per cent responsibly sourced down while still managing to do what the brand does best: make you feel snug in unspeakably cold climates. Its legacy Arctic Tech fabric—a staple of the brand’s famed parkas—has been transformed into a Recycled Organic Arctic Tech, a unique blend of recycled polyester and organic cotton that, just like the original, will prevent sub-freezing temperatures from chilling you to the bone. The parka’s outer shell, meanwhile, reimagines the brand’s Feather-Light Ripstop fabric so that it’s made from fully recycled nylon but still designed to protect from high winds, rain, and snow.

Image via Canada Goose

The thing also happens to look dope. In addition to packing the classic Canada Goose features (backpack straps and an infinite amount of pockets), the Standard Expedition Parka comes in a clean, crisp greige colourway—which, actually, is the result of limited chemical use with undyed fabrics. The adjustable hood is lined with reclaimed fur—a first-ever for Canada Goose, and part of the brand’s commitment to cease purchasing new fur by 2022. The new jacket comes with a significantly smaller footprint: it utilizes 30 per cent less carbon and 65 per cent less water compared to its forefather, the in-line Expedition Parka.

“Innovation is at the core of everything we do. Our approach is driven by constant improvement—testing, learning, improving—while ensuring we deliver on our commitment to quality and functionality,” says Woody Blackford, EVP of Product at Canada Goose. “We innovate for the betterment of our consumers and our planet. We’ve turned our commitments into action in under a year. The Standard Expedition Parka is just the beginning for where we will take the brand.”

And he’s not kidding. HUMANATURE, Canada Goose’s purpose-driven platform, is focused on not just protecting the environment but helping others on a literal human level. This includes everything from donating leftover fabrics and repurposed parkas to Inuit communities as part of its Resource Centre Program to manufacturing medical gowns and scrubs for frontline workers through the Canada Goose Response Program. Last October, the brand linked up with Ryan Reynolds to donate over 300 parkas and other winter accessories to Inuujaq School in Arctic Bay, Nunavut.

Canada Goose has also granted a HUMANATURE Pass to all full-time corporate employees—a one-hour weekly pass encouraging them to set aside time during business hours to reconnect with nature. Helping people thrive in the great outdoors, after all, is what the brand is all about.

The Standard Expedition Parka retails for $1,950 and is available at Canada Goose stores globally and online at