Eric Liedtke, former Adidas Global CMO and board member, is set to join the next edition of the Whitaker Group's FREE GAME event.

The topic for this entry, per a press release, is "the concept of justice." Liedtke and host James Whitner, owner of the Whitaker Group, will embark on a discussion that covers the topic by way of talking points including social justice, racial justice, economic justice, and environmental justice.

Panelists include Liberty Fairs co-founder Sharifa Murdock, the Foundation founders Antwain Freeman, Ari Langsdorf, and Dre Hayes, the Foundation’s creative director Pel, creative Frank Cooke, and Whitaker’s Dave Butler.

Registration for the Zoom-conducted event on Dec. 17 is now open. Below, peep the official announcement flyer.

Image via The Whitaker Group