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Due to ongoing COVID-19 containment efforts across the globe, the fashion industry—as with all sectors of retail—have been forced to make changes to their models of commerce.

For StockX, which was reported this week to be seeing strong numbers as many customers find themselves stuck indoors in the name of social distancing, coronavirus-related closures have resulted in the site relying on illustrations instead of the usual method of in-person product shots.

More specifically, visitors may have noticed the presence of Supreme product illustrations following the closure of physical Supreme shops. Typically, as in pre-coronavirus, StockX and other resell sites used product photos taken in their own shops and posted those to avoid receiving cease and desist letters. In lieu of that, potential buyers are now seeing illustrations.

As for how the coronavirus is affecting StockX in a more general sense, CEO Scott Cutler gave his personal assessment during a StrictlyVC and New York Times-partnered online event last month.

"We've had more and more traffic and buyers coming to our site because in some respects, traditional retail in some geographies is not available," he said at the time, per Tech Crunch. "We thought we've always been a marketplace of scarcity, but now you can't actually go into a real retail location, so you're coming to StockX."

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