An Abbey Road-themed tattoo that's made a home on Drake's arm is now the source of tweeted disgruntlement between Beatles fans who apparently don't much care for Drake and Drake fans who apparently don't much care for the Beatles. 

As fate would have it, a planet in need of breaking news was informed of Drake's charts victory-celebrating tattoo selection earlier this month when photographic documentation of the ink in question—which seemingly places Drake in front of the group amid their classic album cover stroll—started making the rounds.

The tattoo, the above-embedded image of which notably achieved virality surrounding the 50th anniversary of the Beatles album it's referencing, is presumed to be a celebration of sorts for the fact that Drake has bested the band when it comes to several longstanding Billboard charts records.

The initial resulting tattoo discussions, unfortunately, has not yet inspired a Drake x Paul McCartney rework of the Scorpion anthem "Summer Games." Instead, the discourse has continued to now more prominently feature apparently less-than-thrilled Beatles fans who—as stated up top—apparently don't much care for Drake.

Drake fans, meanwhile, have offered up their own assessments:

Drake referencing the Beatles in relation to the commercial performance of his songs, of course, isn't exactly a new facet to this debate. In his late 2018 Meek Mill collab "Going Bad," for example, he famously noted that he was back at home enjoying the benefits of legal marijuana while sharing his assessment that his discography contains "more slaps than the Beatles."

Earlier this month, Drake made another charts splash with the release of his nostalgia-heavy compilation project titled Care Package. The project opened in the top spot on the Billboard 200 albums chart, becoming Drake's ninth album to do so.

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