Drake's courtside enthusiasm is apparently not a source of vicarious joy for the dudes in Smash Mouth.

The band, whose home state is also home to the Warriors, utilized their reliably compelling Twitter presence this weekend to send a playful warning to the 6 God. "When the ball is in-play sit the FCK down!" one of the Smash Mouth guys said Sunday, also tagging E-40. "That ain't gonna fly in Oakland!"

Though Drake did not immediately issue a succinct and equally playful response, the smashers kept it rolling:

For clarity in response to a few attempts in the replies at ramping up an actual Drake feud, the band also noted their Canadian connections and expressed an appreciation for Drake's catalog.

Perhaps, by some small chance, this will lead to a Smash Mouth rendition of "Summer Games."

Drake recently hit Gucci Mane, a Bucks fan, with a little trolling after a Raptors victory. The two previously exchanged jabs on Instagram, a brief back-and-forth that somehow failed to muster a Smash Mouth response. 

Anyway, for further courtside enjoyment, here's the history.