It's no secret that Drake has an affinity for tribute tattoos. Throughout his career, the OVO rapper has used ink to pay homage to some of his biggest idols, including everyone from Aaliyah and Sade to Lil Wayne and Denzel Washington.

But he clearly wasn't content. As seen in a series of photographs, Drizzy recently expanded his body art collection by getting the Beatles tattooed on his outer forearm. The piece has understandably left some fans scratching their heads.

The tattoo is inspired by the Beatles' 1969 Abbey Road album cover, which was shot exactly 50 years ago this week. You can see members John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr walking in a line, exactly as they're positioned on the iconic album art. Drake reworked the image by adding a fifth figure, who is seen standing in front of the Beatles while waving.

It's not certain who the fifth individual is, but it's safe to assume it's Drake himself. 


Yg and Tyga just came out #Drake #OVO

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Drizzy named-dropped the Beatles in multiple tracks, most notably the late 2018 cut "Going Bad" with Meek Mill: "I got more slaps than the Beatles," he raps in the opening verse. Following Scorpion in June 2018, Drizzy passed the Beatles' record for most songs simultaneously in the Billboard Hot 100's Top 10, with seven; the Fab Four's record of five had stood since 1964. In October '18, Drake secured 12 tracks on the Hot 100's Top 10 in a calendar year, surpassing the Beatles' record of 11, also set in 1964.

And this past June, he passed the British band to claim the second-most Hot 100 Top 10s ever. Drizzy has 35 to Madonna’s 38. 

Check out reactions to Drake's new ink below.