Jaden Smith tends to turn heads with his free-spirited style choices. The self-proclaimed “icon” has rocked a Batman costume to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s wedding, has worn women’s clothing without a hint of irony, and even appeared on the Met Gala red carpet with his old dreadlocks in hand.

His DGAF approach to dressing has garnered labels like “fashion rebel” and “style maverick”; however, the 20-year-old star admits there are main three figures from whom he takes style cues. And only one of them is real.

“I mean, Tyler showed me Supreme,” Jaden told GQ writer Sam Schube. “Like, I never cared about Supreme until Tyler.”

So who are Jaden’s other two fashion icons? Well, there’s Batman—obviously—and there’s the Greek god of the sea Poseidon.

“Poseidon—I feel like he always comes with the next-level vibes,” Jaden said, before clarifying he’s inspired by the various sculptures of the Greek god draped in robes. “Those are really next.”

We see where he’s coming from.

Jaden also spoke about his paper water bottle company JUST, starring in Louis Vuitton campaigns, and his new project Forces of Nature—a sustainable collection made in partnership with Pharrell’s G-Star Raw brand.

“Pharrell is such a huge inspiration to me. He would meet up and talk, and I would show him my pants. And then, eventually, he linked me up with G-Star,” Jaden explained. “Animals are the most important thing. And what G-Star is doing with sustainable denim as well. It's just all bringing back nature, and animals. Trying to make people aware of, like, Go outside.”

You can read Jaden’s full interview at GQ’s website.