The Museum of Jurassic Technology

Location: Los Angeles

This enigmatic museum feels almost as though it materialized from nowhere. But with a little bit of research, one finds out that Culver City's Museum of Jurassic Technology was founded by husband and wife David Hildebrand Wilson and Diana Drake Wilson in 1988. The museum's eclectic collection includes a mixture of artistic, ethnographic, historic, scientific, and other more unclassifiable objects and exhibits that are more evocative of something akin to a cabinet of curiosities rather than the stark white-walled museums we are more familiar with today. The museum is strange—there is no avoiding it, and perhaps that remains the only definite fact of the museum. It strikes a strange balance; its exhibitions are almost uncanny at times, because they seem so official and knowledgeable, yet are so assuredly off-kilter from more traditional museum exhibitions. Its peculiarity, however, is what makes the Museum of Jurassic Technology a destination to be investigated.


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