Years Active: 1978-1988
Key Members: Grandmaster Flash, Melle Mel, Kidd Creole, Scorpio, Cowboy, Rahiem
Elements of Style: Studs, Leather jackets and pants, Vests, Headbands

When they first started out, Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five looked just like a lot of other kids in New York at the time—just look at the album cover for 1982's The Message. That was the point. But as time and the culture moved forward, they started to favor clothing that leaned more toward the theatrical side than the practical.

While the cover for 1988's follow-up album, On The Strength is relatively tame, their style would go on to include white, yellow, and black leather get-ups with a bondage feel, and outrageous ensembles like Melle Mel's Bud Light onesie and Grandmaster Flash wearing a gold trench coat... sans pants. Definitely influenced by the punk and funk aesthetics, the Furious Five's looks might be considered ridiculous by modern standards. But it was dope at the time. And you can't say they didn't pave the way for everything to follow.