The date for the Floyd Mayweather/Logan Paul fight has been set. For those interested it’ll be held on Sunday, June 6.

The match is set to go down at Hard Rock Stadium, the home of the Miami Dolphins. Tons of confirmations of this news were put out over social media:

Mayweather and Paul were originally set to go at it on February 20, but that got postponed. COVID-19’s impact on attendance was cited as the reason behind that delay. 

“The fight’s still happening,” Paul said at the time. “We want to have a packed arena somewhere and then the business side of things, we have to iron them out. He’s got a lot of people on his team, Al Haymon got involved, if you know boxing, you know what that means for getting an actual deal done and figuring out a venue.”

TMZ writes that the decision to hold this thing on a Sunday night, instead of the more typical Saturday night, is also related to the desire to have a huge live crowd, though nothing real specific was given. The outlet also says that having a big crowd is important to Mayweather.

The fight will technically count as an exhibition, which means it won’t be added up on either participant’s official record. Paul, who is 26-years-old, is technically 0-1 in his career, though he and his younger brother (Jake...guessing you knew that) have been big pay-per-view draws. Starkly contrasting with that is the 44-year-old Mayweather who is 50-0. 

Anyway, mark your calendar.