Dan Gilbert’s resentment towards LeBron James is well documented. So it should come as no surprise that the Cavaliers boss didn’t want to let Baron Davis out of his deal to play with James and the Miami Heat. 

The former All-Star made the revelation in a Tweet on Tuesday.

“I remember Dan Gilbert sent a message to me he wouldn’t let me out my deal if I went to play with LEBRON!!! Facts,” Davis tweeted. “He knew that where I was going so they played hardball… he said if I went to play with LEBRON he would win a title. I told him LEBRON gonna win one anyway.”

Davis had a short stint with the Cavs in 2011, when he was eventually released before signing with the Knicks. But if he had it his way, he would’ve teamed up with LeBron in Miami. As it turns out, Davis was right about the outcome of the 2011 season, as James went on to win his first title with the Heat. And not only was he named the league MVP, but he was also crowned the Finals MVP after beating a young Thunder team featuring Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden.

Despite the bad blood between James and Gilbert, they ultimately joined forces again in 2014, and well, we all know how that turned out.