Toronto Maple Leafs Tattoos Are the Most Popular of Any Sports Team in the World

The Leafs aren't number one in the league but they're number one in their fans' hearts, and it turns out they’ve got the tattoos to prove it.

Maple Leafs fans cheer outside in Jurassic Park and Maple Leaf Square

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Maple Leafs fans cheer outside in Jurassic Park and Maple Leaf Square

It’s no secret that Leafs fans are some of the most die-hard sports fanatics out there, and it turns out they’re also the most tatted in the world when it comes to riding for their team. investigated which sports logos have been tattooed the most, and Leafs fans turned out to be the most loyal, beating out the Denver Broncos, the Philadelphia Eagles, the 49ers, and the Patriots. The only other Canadian hockey team that made the list was the Ottawa Senators, who came in 25th place.

Not only does Leafs Nation have the most popular tattoos among sports fans, when it comes to searching for sports team tats, the Leafs rank sixth for the most in-demand sports tattoos. While Leafs fans go pretty hard, other Canadian hockey teams on that list include the Edmonton Oilers, who are in 39th place, and the Vancouver Canucks, who rank 46th. 

We’ve rounded up some tattoos that truly embody the spirit of Go Leafs Go. While several of these fans have some questionable designs, there’s no denying that with great dedication comes some pretty wild ink. 

Go big or go home!

How big, how blue…

 Love don’t cost a thing… except for hand tattoos, that fade fast and require lots of touchups. 

If this doesn’t scream peak Toronto, I don’t know what does.


Tell me hockey is your favourite sport without telling me hockey is your favourite sport.

Sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go.

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