Ryan Garcia Apologizes to Logan Paul, Who Hit Him With Lawsuit for Dissing Prime Energy Drink: 'This Sh*t Breaks My Heart'

Garcia said he's known the Paul family for a long time while admitting he never had a problem with the drink.

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Ryan Garcia has apologized to Logan Paul for criticizing his PRIME Energy sports drink after receiving a lawsuit from the latter's company.

During an interview with Ana Paula Saenz, Garcia, 25, apologized to 29-year-old Paul for all his statements about PRIME, having said the product isn't healthy and could seriously affect someone's health. Garcia also insisted anyone drinking the product was "working for Satan."

Paul heard Garcia's statements and revealed that PRIME Hydration filed a defamation lawsuit against the boxer. Garcia wanted to avoid further controversy and took to the airwaves to apologize to his former friend.

"I just want to say I'm sorry. I just feel bad for the fight that we're going through, because I've known the family for years, bro," Garcia said. "This shit breaks my heart. I don't want to fight with you no more; I don't got a problem with Prime. I had a problem with you."

Garcia then opened a bottle of Prime and took a sip while saying it was "bomb as fuck" and adding, "I love you bro. I'm done with this fighting shit."


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Logan Paul has been on a mission to legally go after anyone who has made disparaging comments about his drink. Last week, Paul revealed PRIME might have a lawsuit ready for a "carrot-colored Instagram doctor" named Dr. Daniel Pompa, who claimed it's not healthy due to chemicals allegedly used in the product.

Paul set his sights on Pompa and criticized him for merely being a chiropractor with a suspended license. He also mentioned that Pompa was sentenced to 16 years of probation for "stealing $1.4 million from his adopted children's trust fund."

"Hey, don't worry bro, I'm not gonna shoot you, but PRIME is considering suing you for the millions of dollars of damage you've caused and making you file for bankruptcy a second time," he said. "Buddy, you don't know a single thing about what you're claiming, but if I ever wanna overdose on self-tanner or get my back cracked, I'm coming straight to you."

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