Logan Paul and Nina Agdal Are Having a Baby

Paul and Agdal have been together for almost two years.

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Logan Paul and Nina Adgal are building a family.

On Monday (Apr. 15), the couple, who got engaged last July, announced via a collaborative post on Instagram that they're expecting their first child together. "Another Paul coming this fall," the caption reads, with the image showing Paul and Adgal sharing a kiss while Paul holds up the baby's sonogram.

The two began dating in 2022, and have come a long way since being harassed online by mixed martial artist Dillion Danis. Last year, Danis continuously posted images of Agdal with celebrities like LeBron James and Leonardo DiCaprio on social media, claimed to have compromising evidence of her in encounters with other men, and on the Full Send Podcast, misidentified her as transgender. The trolling persisted before Paul and Danis were scheduled for a match that Oct., but came to an end when Adgal filed a temporary restraining order against Danis.

In the filing, the Sports Illustrated model stated that the harrassment began when Paul announced his fight with Danis earlier in the summer, with Danis saying "despicable" things about her online. Danis eased up, but threated Paul on Twitter, now X, and was later defeated by Paul by disqualification during their boxing event.

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Nina Adgel has filed a massive lawsuit against me. She filed a restraining order against me and is seeking prison time, so the fight is in jeopardy if I’m in jail. This is actually wild but I won’t stop fuck the system come get me. Logan Paul is a dead man walking.

— Dillon Danis (@dillondanis) September 6, 2023
Twitter: @dillondanis

We're wishing Paul and Adgal a healthy and drama-free pregancy.

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