Shannon Sharpe Opens Up About What He Was Feeling During His Emotional Final 'Undisputed' Episode

The NFL Hall of Famer left the FS1 debate show in June 2023 after seven years.

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It has been almost exactly one year since Shannon Sharpe made his final appearance on Undisputed and delivered an emotional farewell to everyone, including co-host Skip Bayless.

After spending seven years on the FS1 debate show, you can understand why Sharpe was fighting back tears. During his appearance on the Black Money Tree podcast, the NFL Hall of Famer revealed he became emotional because he was coming to terms with his belief that what he strived so hard to accomplish did not work out.

"See, people like, 'But Shannon, why'd you get so emotional?' Because if you knew what I put into that job, you would understand," Sharpe explained in the new conversation. "You see, the greater the expectation, the greater the hurt when it doesn't work out."

"And I poured so much into that. I gave up everything," the 55-year-old continued. "I lost relationships because I couldn't go out to dinner, I couldn't go to vacation, I couldn't—because I have to watch all the sporting events because I gotta be able to talk about them on television, and talk about them expertly. So it cost me a lot."

According to the New York Post, Sharpe reached a buyout agreement with Fox Sports prior to the news of his departure surfacing.

Sharpe bragged about his status since being fired on an episode of Nightcap earlier this year. "Ocho, CBS, let me go. I went to Undisputed and got bigger. Undisputed let me go now look at him," he said in February. "Look at the sub. I got more subs than Undisputed. You look at the talent they got over there, we got a new podcast and we got more subs than everybody they got over there combined."

Sharpe said the Undisputed fallout taught him lessons that he has used going forward. "Now, I'm no longer 'talent.' You can't fire me from Shay Shay Media 'cause I own it," Sharpe said with a smile on Black Money Tree.

"That's the way I look at my business now," he added. "You're going to be my partner. You're no longer just gonna cut me a check to do something. We're in partnership."

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