Dwyane Wade Says He Hasn’t Spoken to Pat Riley Since Leaving the Heat

Since signing with the Chicago Bulls, Dwyane Wade says he hasn't spoken to Miami Heat president Pat Riley.

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Since signing with the Chicago Bulls, Dwyane Wade admits he hasn't spoken to Miami Heat president Pat Riley once, which is SADDDDDDD!!!! SO saddddddd

In an interview with Vincent Goodwill of CSNChicago.com, Wade reveals that he has kept in touch with everyone in the Heat organization except Riley. “I've kept in touch from everybody there besides Pat. From the owners on down,” Wade said after the Bulls' 112-80 victory over the Orlando Magic on Monday. “It's nothing but respect, and I have no hard feelings. I understand what Pat is, he's a competitor. I've been knowing him for 13 years so I expect no different." Even though their separation got ugly over the summer, D-Wade reiterates that he still respects Riley, regardless of how everything went down. “People might not believe me, but I have no hard feelings toward Pat," Wade said. "Everything happened the way it was supposed to happen, everything happens for a reason, so I'm fine." 

Ultimately, Wade's decision to take his talents to Chicago came down to something as simple as feeling wanted by the Heat organization. “That's why I tell the (Heat) fans, I did everything I could to make sure I stay here. And then it got to a point where, you know what, it was no more I could do," D-Wade said. "I had to go and do what's best for myself and my family and my future when it comes to my happiness. I want to feel wanted as well. Who doesn't (want to feel) appreciated?” Wade admits that he could've taken a $127 million contract in 2010, but took a $17 million paycut to get LeBron James and Chris Bosh on the team while keeping Udonis Haslem around.

After making sacrifices for the betterment of the Heat organization, Wade was understandably looking to feel wanted, and when he realized that the appreciation he sought from the franchise wasn't coming his way, he started to look elsewhere. “At the end of the day, I talked to those guys and I told them, 'It's free agency. I understand y'all have a job to do, and I have a job to do as well,'" Wade said. "I let it be known I was going to be a free agent and I wasn't waiting by the phone for them to call me."

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