NBA free agency has already been a whirlwind of excitement over the course of July, and that only increased on Wednesday night when Dwyane Wade jumped from the Miami Heat to the Chicago Bulls. If you had been following the rumblings over the past couple of days, the move was not a huge surprise, but is still quite shocking since Wade was the face of the Heat for years and won three championships in the city. Naturally, with such a big move, Twitter was on full tilt with jokes, memes, reactions, and plenty of hot takes to go around for weeks.

Even Heat center Hassan Whiteside, who earlier this month had agreed to a max deal with Miami, reacted on Twitter with the classic Mr. Krabs meme. Even more insane, some Heat fans took to Twitter to show themselves burning Wade's jerseys, which seems like an absolute stretch after all he did for the franchise.

It's unclear where the Bulls, who now have Wade and Rajon Rondo, and the Heat go from here, but as always, the NBA never disappoints, even during the offseason. You can read out Wade's deal with the Bulls here, and check out more of the Twitter reaction below.