Video Shows Woman Shouting at Jason and Kylie Kelce for Not Taking Photo With Her (UPDATE)

The couple were aggressively approached by the woman in Margate for declining to take a picture.

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UPDATED 5/29, 7:58 p.m. E.T.: Jason and Kylie Kelce received an invite back to Margate, New Jersey by Mayor Michael Collins himself.

According to TMZ, Mayor Collins offered the couple a free meal to make up for the unpleasant incident involving an overzealous fan who berated them over Memorial Day weekend. As seen in footage that surfaced online, the unidentified woman vowed that the Kelces wouldn’t be allowed back into town after denying her a photo request.

Social media post from Margate City Mayor Michael Collins apologizing to Jason and Kylie Kelce for their holiday experience and offering a redo date night on him

"On behalf of the City of Margate, I'd like to formally apologize to Jason & Kylie Kelce for the experience they had in Margate City over the holiday weekend,” wrote Mayor Collins in a statement on Facebook.

“As a father with young children, I know as well as anyone the importance of a date night with your wife and would like to offer a redo date night with dinner on me."

Jason didn’t address the incident on his New Heights podcast, but he mentioned he was able to enjoy some time at the Jersey Shore and eat delicious chocolate chip pancakes from a local pancake house.

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Kylie Kelce, the wife of former NFL player Jason Kelce, nearly came to blows with a woman on the Jersey Shore, as seen in newly surfaced footage.

As seen in the video below, a woman is seen aggressively approaching Kylie in Margate after reportedly being declined a picture with the couple.

"I don't give a fuck who you are," the woman is heard saying. "You'll never be welcomed in this town again."

While it looked like the Kelces were dressed up for a special occasion, the festivities didn't stop Kylie from telling the woman she was "embarrassing" herself.

Wild: Jason and Kylie Kelce got harassed and threatened by a fan for not taking a picture with her:

“I don’t give a f**k who you are”

“You’ll never be allowed in this town again”

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— Dov Kleiman (@NFL_DovKleiman) May 28, 2024
Twitter: @NFL_DovKleiman

Kylie appeared able to stand up for herself in the clip, but her husband came to her defense on Monday after an X user rudely referred to her as a "homemaker."

"I don’t think of Kylie as a homemaker, I think of her as my wife. I think of her as a mother. She has an occupation, as do I, and we keep our house the best we can," Jason wrote. "Our marriage is a partnership, we are equals who are figuring it out on the daily. The only expectation is that we love each other, support one another, and are committed to our family, that comes first. We both raise our kids, we both work, We both keep our home. It is both our faults it is messy, but such is life with 3 young children, busy schedules, and neither of us being neat freaks. She also makes a mean sandwhich [sic]."

He concluded, "If being a homemaker, works for some, and that’s what they want, then hell yea, that’s awesome, more power to you. I want to be clear, I’m not downplaying that at all, but that is not our family dynamic."

Responding to this, because I have seen a number of people say it. I don’t think of Kylie as a homemaker, I think of her as my wife. I think of her as a mother. She has an occupation, as do I, and we keep our house the best we can. Our marriage is a partnership, we are equals…

— Jason Kelce (@JasonKelce) May 27, 2024
Twitter: @JasonKelce

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