Jason Kelce Recalls Losing Super Bowl Ring in Pool of Skyline Chili

Jason and Travis Kelce hosted a live 'New Heights' show at the University of Cincinnati last week.

Philadelphia Eagles player in jersey number 62 smiling during practice
Mitchell Leff / Getty Images
Philadelphia Eagles player in jersey number 62 smiling during practice

Jason Kelce lost an expensive piece of jewelry.

Last week, he and Travis Kelce hosted a live New Heights show at the University of Cincinnati. One of the games they played, "Jason Lost His Ring," involved contestants wading into pools filled with Skyline Chili three-ways to locate Jason’s Super Bowl ring amid several decoy rings, which were all hidden in socks in the chili.

"I legitimately lost my Super Bowl ring in this event," Jason said on Wednesday's episode of New Heights. "They could not find it."

He explained that one of the podcast interns attempted to look for the ring but to no avail. They also tried to find it using a metal detector, but apparently, Skyline Chili contains trace amounts of iron, which set off the metal detector.

"We have still yet to find it," Jason added, saying he can only assume that the ring is "now in a landfill somewhere in the Cincinnati Tri-State area" after the chili vestiges were tossed.

"What did you expect to happen?" Travis asked his brother, who responded, "I thought that we'd just go in the pool and get the ring afterward.”

Travis then called his brother an “imbecile.”

"It's just a hunk of metal, I'll just have another one made I think," Jason said. "They can do that right?"

According to CBS Sports, Jason has already filed an insurance claim, though he’s unsure if they’ll honor it. "We've already put the insurance claim in, which the insurance company might have some things to say about whether they're going to cover that," he explained.

Jason won the Super Bowl ring in 2017 with the Philadelphia Eagles.

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