Sports Fans React to Patrick Mahomes Signing $450 Million Extension

Twitter reacted swiftly to news that the Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes have come to an agreement on the "richest contract in NFL history."

Pat Mahomes after the Chiefs won Super Bowl 54.

Image via Getty/Kevin C. Cox

Pat Mahomes after the Chiefs won Super Bowl 54.

On Monday, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that the Kansas City Chiefs and former MVP/current Super Bowl champion quarterback Patrick Mahomes had come together on a 10-year contract extension. These 10 new years come in addition to the two seasons that Mahomes still had remaining on his current deal, which is to say that both the player and team will now have a 12-year commitment that will run through the 2031 season.

This yet-to-be-completely-specified reward comes after the 24-year-old Mahomes became the first ever NFL QB to win an MVP and Super Bowl before turning 25. Oh, and also (as you may have expected, especially if you're familiar with massive quarterback extensions) the new deal will be the "richest contract in NFL history."

Hours after the news of it being worth at least $400 million broke, Adam Schefter pinpointed a figure of between $450 and $503 million. This massive sum makes it the most lucrative deal in sports history, not accounting for all the ways in which NFL contracts aren't fully guaranteed (the point is it's a lot):

As you may have also expected, a bunch of people reacted to the news on the preferred social media platform for people who react to news. This would've certainly happened even in a universe where the coronavirus doesn't exist, but also consider that a lot of people on Twitter are starved for any type of sports content at the moment (which would explain why you also may have seen Dak Prescott, Andy Reid, and Trubisky trending):

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