Here's a ‘UFC 2’ Simulation That Features Matt Barnes Absolutely Destroying Derek Fisher

Watch Matt Barnes destroy Derek Fisher…in a video game.

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Matt Barnesmay or may not have destroyed Derek Fisher in a real fight last year. The verdict is still out on it, and we’ll probably never know what really happened when the two former teammates got into an altercation at the home of Barnes’ ex Gloria Govan (strangely enough, Gilbert Arenas' account of the altercation seems the most realistic). But thanks to this amazing simulation that was created by YouTube user Eric Bui, we now know what would (probably) happen if the two ever got into the Octagon together.

Something tells us Barnes and Fisher wouldn’t touch gloves like they do at the beginning of this fictional MMA fight. We also have a hard time believing Barnes would be quite as patient as he is during this simulation (does he seem like a guy who calmly waits for the action to come to him?). But that finish! Wow!

Check out the simulation for yourself. Do you think this is how a real Barnes/Fisher fight would end?

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