Thursday night, Matt Barnes continued to cultivate his image as a crazy person who plays professional basketball by running after the Bucks' John Henson after each player was ejected in the final seconds of a Milwaukee win. Barnes attempted to enter the Milwaukee locker room soon afterward where he "verbally challenged" Henson. Fortunately (for all parties involved) things stopped before they were able to escalate to Fisher-esque levels. When I wrote that article I said it was a "sequence of events that would surely lead to some discipline from the league" which makes me not clairvoyant, but instead somebody who states the completely fucking obvious.

Today Barnes received his punishment in the form of a one game suspension. He'll serve it tonight against the Clippers.

Also punished were the Bucks' Greivis Vasquez, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Greg Monroe.

Here's the full statement from the league:

[via NBA, @DanWoikeSports]

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