J.R. Smith: How Am I Supposed to Explain Trump's Victory Over Clinton to My Daughter?

J.R. Smith asks how he should explain Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton to his daughter on Instagram.

J.R. Smith attends a Hillary Clinton with his daughter.

Image via Getty Images/Brendan Smialowski

J.R. Smith attends a Hillary Clinton with his daughter.

In the days leading up to the presidential election on Tuesday, J.R. Smith let it be known that he was riding for Hillary Clinton. He showed up at a Clinton rally in Ohio with his daughter and his Cavaliers teammate LeBron James. He posted this photo of him, his family, and Clinton on Instagram:

He also posted this as well after he cast his ballot for the Democratic candidate:

And now that the election is over, he’s wondering what in the world he’s supposed to tell his daughter about what happened during it. Like most people, Smith can’t believe that Donald Trump won the election over Clinton, and he’s having trouble figuring out what to say to his daughter to help her understand the situation. So he put up a post on Instagram that features a photo of his daughter and a long heartfelt caption from Smith that includes a bunch of questions:

Smith’s IG followers have, as you might expect, not been very helpful. "Teach your daughter not to be a liar," one wrote. "Sorry that person u voted for has less supporters then [sic] trump," another said. But here’s to hoping Smith finds the answers he’s looking for. And when he finds them, we hope he lets us know what they are because we can't figure any of this out, either.

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