LeBron James joined Hillary Clinton on stage at her rally in Ohio on Nov. 6 to show support for the Democratic candidate, and also send a final message to voters who may be questioning whether their vote matters come Election Day

"The number one main reason I'm here is because of Hillary and what she believes in," Lebron stated. The 2016 NBA Champion also invited Cavs teammate J.R. Smith and his young daughter to the stage to introduce Hillary. LeBron, who previously endorsed Clinton in Oct. 2016, took his short time behind the mic to stress how confident he was that Hillary would be elected the next president.

Following LeBron's introduction, Clinton praised the basketball player for his actions on and off the court. "I want to thank LeBron for what he does on the basketball court. You all know it makes him so special. It makes him a champion," Clinton stated. "But I am just as impressed as I have told him about what he does off the court because what he does off the court is to care for every child as though that child were his own." 

Prior to appearing at the Ohio rally, LeBron spoke to cleveland.com to preach about why voting matters, especially to the African American community. "A lot of times black people don't vote because they don't feel like their votes count," he told the publication. "You talk to a black person and they say 'I'm not voting because I don't think my vote matters.' That's my message, that voting does matter. We just want to feel like our votes matter."

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