Moriah Mills Throws Shots at Zion Williamson’s Play Style: 'You're Tired and Boring, Just Like You Were in Bed'

Earlier this year, Mills alleged that she had been in a relationship with the Pelicans star, who got another woman pregnant.

Jared C. Tilton via Getty Images

Adult film star Moriah Mills is still going after Zion Williamson.

Earlier this year, the 32-year-old alleged that she was in a secret relationship with the New Orleans Pelicans star, 23, who welcomed a baby with his girlfriend Ahkeema last month. Mills didn't take too kindly to the pregnancy announcement in June, obviously, and she's still criticizing Williamson on social media.

"Here's some advice, Zion Williamson, since you wanna send your publicist to talk shit about me every other friggin' week," she said in a TikTok video posted on Tuesday, Dec. 19. "How about you get on a treadmill, speed three, level 12, and maybe you'll lose some weight. And go on it for like an hour, too. Second, how about you stop drinking sodas? Three, how about you practice doing three-pointers? Everybody's tired of seeing you do dunks all freakin' day. Learn another move, it's getting bored and tired. You're tired and boring, just like you were in bed."

Williamson's weight has been a major topic throughout the year, with recent reports that the Pelicans are concerned about his discipline. Amid all the talk of his diet and weight, his old trainer, Jasper Bibbs, reposted an Instagram post reporting on the concerns with a shrug. Bibbs also shared a picture from when Williamson was in top shape, adding, "Remember when..."

Stephen A. Smith has been especially critical of Williamson recently. Following the Pelicans' loss to the Los Angeles Lakers in the In-Season Tournament earlier this month, Smith praised 38-year-old LeBron James for being in "peak physical condition," something he believes Williamson is lacking. "Zion Williamson, who is more than five years younger, but 40 pounds heavier, went to the free throw line,” Smith said. “Ladies and gentlemen, I saw a belly. A belly. Like, when he took a deep breath, his belly bounced. That kind of belly. I mean, damn. Damn. What’s up, Zion?”

He didn't stop there, either, reiterating his criticism on his eponymous show days later. "You look like you showed up to the game having just ate a buffet," he said on The Stephen A. Smith Show. "Not something from the buffet, I said the buffet. Like you ate the damn table. I wasn’t going to touch on this, because I was embarrassed for him. But then Sports Illustrated wrote about it, and the New Orleans Times-Picayune, local newspaper, wrote about it. So it’s public information. He’s fat.”

Mills claimed she was in a relationship with Mills for at least three years before he met Ahkeema earlier this year. She said they started as "a sneaky link but we fell in love," later suggesting he got her pregnant. However, she has since not shown any further signs of pregnancy, unless she's going out of her way to avoid showing her belly.

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