Kansas City Chiefs Fans Suffered Frostbite That Required Amputations Following Playoff Game

The Jan. 13 matchup broke the record for the coldest game in Arrowhead Stadium history.

Excited fans in Kansas City Chiefs attire cheering at a game
Tammy Ljungblad/The Kansas City Star/Tribune News Service via Getty Images
Excited fans in Kansas City Chiefs attire cheering at a game

Some of the fans who went to the Kansas City Chiefs playoff game in January needed amputations after suffering from frostbite.

According to the Associated Press, the Research Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri, said on Friday that they treated “dozens” of people who experienced frostbite during an 11-day cold snap in January.

Although the hospital didn’t provide exact numbers, they said that twelve of those people—including those who went to the Chiefs vs. Miami Dolphins game on Jan. 13—had to undergo amputations on mostly fingers and toes. The hospital also provided a grim update that they expect more surgeries in the following weeks as “injuries evolve,” AP reports.

The temperature at the Dolphins-Chiefs wild-card playoff game was reportedly minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit with a windchill of minus 27 degrees Fahrenheit, breaking the record for the coldest game in Arrowhead Stadium history, besting a 1983 game against the Denver Broncos at 1 degree Fahrenheit.

A fan holds a sign reading "IN MY FROZEN ERA" at a sports event, surrounded by other cheering fans

“I’m freezing my balls off out here.”- Tyreek Hill 😭 pic.twitter.com/u39ljbcmWc

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Despite warnings of “dangerously cold” wildchills from the National Weather Service, the game proceeded as scheduled, with fans allowed to bring heated blankets and cardboard to place under their feet on the cold concrete.

The University of Kansas hospital also treated frostbite victims from the game but did not report any amputations to the Associated Press.

Beyond the chill, something else must have been in the air during that Jan. 13 game.

Other notable moments from the game included Patrick Mahomes’ helmet shattering after taking a hit, Andy Reid’s mustache freezing on the sidelines, Taylor Swift swag surfing from the boxes while cheering on boyfriend Travis Kelce, and a Dolphins fan going shirtless.

Are they supposed to be swag surfin? 😭 pic.twitter.com/o6NeSdZSjz

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