Taylor Swift Encouraged by F.L.Y. to Do a “Swift Surf” Remix: ‘She Gotta Rap on That Thing!’

The 'Eras' singer was seen swag surfing at Arrowhead Stadium on Jan. 13.

David Eulitt / Getty Images

Taylor Swift recently swag surfing alongside Kansas City Chiefs fans gave the creators of “Swag Surfin’” a boost.

The rap group behind the hit, Fast Life Yungstaz, spoke with TMZ about the viral moment.

“My initial reaction to Taylor Swift swag surfing was I thought it was dope,” F.L.Y. member Mook told the outlet. “I automatically knew it was gonna be a good look just because of who she is, what she got going on.”


It's a party in KC. pic.twitter.com/iams28jD54

— Sunday Night Football on NBC (@SNFonNBC) January 14, 2024
Twitter: @SNFonNBC

He continued, “Our streams across all platforms is up 700 percent. It’s just been a dope thing to watch everything unfold so quickly like that.”

It seems the group wouldn’t mind seeing a remix from the Eras singer, with member iMcFli calling the song “Swift Surf.”

“She gotta rap though. Show me them bars, Taylor,” F.L.Y. affiliate, Easton added. Mook continued, “She can bring us out at the concert, too, on tour. Taylor can do whatever she want to do.”

Taylor Swift Gets Green Light to Remix 'Swag Surfin' From F.L.Y. | Click to read more 👇 https://t.co/SnXDUaFfC4

— TMZ (@TMZ) February 1, 2024
Twitter: @TMZ

Earlier this month, on Jan. 13, Swift was seen swag surfing to F.L.Y.’s song at Arrowhead Stadium, cheering on her boyfriend, Travis Kelce. The Chiefs were facing the Miami Dolphins, with KC ultimately winning 26-7 to head to the playoffs.

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