Kevin Durant on J.R. Smith's Game 1 Mistake: 'I'm Happy He Made That Decision'

Kevin Durant is thankful for J.R.'s blunder, telling Jimmy Kimmel, "I'm happy that he made that decision to do that, especially with the game on the line."

Kevin Durant is currently basking in the glow of his second straight NBA title and second straight Finals MVP status. He brought both the Larry O'Brien and Bill Russell Finals MVP trophies with him to Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night, where the late-night host and Warriors forward engaged in an interesting, funny interview.

K.D. recounted his Finals and celebration experiences, saying he lost his voice because he'd "been screaming back to back for the last 48 hours"—word to Drake. Durant added that the Warriors partied in their hotel in Cleveland after winning Game 4, completing the Finals sweep, because they weren't permitted to go out on the town.

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Kimmel asked whether the title was as exciting the second time around, and K.D. implied it is not. But he said "it's still fun" and "the free drinks are cool."

Kimmel also asked about something we were all wondering—what was going through the Warriors' minds when J.R. Smith committed the play of the Finals, mistakenly dribbling out the ball in the final seconds of regulation of Game 1, thinking his team was leading when in reality the game was tied. Did K.D. have compassion for J.R. in that moment?

"Definitely not," Durantula said without hesitation. "I'm happy that he made that decision to do that, especially with the game on the line. We needed that win for the sweep."

He added that he knew the series was over after the Cavs blew their shot at stealing Game 1. "We had a good feeling," he said. "We knew we had to play well, but we knew we kind of broke them a little bit." Durant also said after his clutch shot at the end of Game 3, he watched the highlight over and over.


K.D. avoided a question about how he would feel about the Warriors adding LeBron because he "doesn't think that will happen" and "somebody's listening that's going to write something." How did he know I was here?

The Warriors have said they plan to give Durant "whatever he wants" to keep him in Golden State.

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Durant and his teammates have the Warriors' team parade in the Bay Area Tuesday morning.

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